What is Bricoly

What is Bricoly

What is Bricoly? Bricoly is an amazing website which lets everybody buy or sell different sort of services for as low as $5. Here $5 is the least price. Maximum price lies on your talents. With Bricoly, you can purchase or sell services such as graphic Designs, Article Writing and translation, Website Designing, Promo Video Design, Testimonial Creator and anything that you can imagine.

Bricoly can be truly useful for bloggers. If you have skills like coding, logo designing, animation creation etc., you can make a great deal of money on Bricoly. A seller can charge at least $5 just for fixing trivial bugs in your “WordPress” site. Dependent on the difficulty of the problem, you can raise your fee further. If you do not possess the skills in the above services mentioned, you can still earn sizably on Bricoly by selling your Content Writing Services, marketing Ad spaces of your blog and so on.

As earlier informed, you can charge a minimum of $5 for selling any services. You can receive more than $900 but it depends on your value and effort. Your status will decide your ratings so be reliable to your clients and give your best.

How was Bricoly Born?

Bricoly was born as a project by AbodyStudio Sarl  which was first launched on the Internet in 2018 and started to operate as beta Version.

Initially, Bricoly offered the possibility of offering small services for $5, designated on the page as JOBS/SERVICES/GIGs. However, because this portal has grown significantly in recent years, it has diversified to a much higher level.

It now allows you not only to offer JOBs/SERVICEs /GIGs for much more than $5, but also to offer service plans, custom orders, and even a feature that came out only a few months ago that allows sellers to offer services by “phase”. That is, they are delivered and cancelled as the project progresses.

And this is not the first or the last update we make to the website. Over the last year, the Bricoly team has been presenting a wide variety of new updates that have made the buying and selling experience at Bricoly even better.

Buy and sell services on Bricoly

Bricoly platform offers excellent benefits for all its users, regardless of whether they enter as a buyer of services or as a seller of services.

Sellers have the opportunity to publish their service offerings in an active and busy market, where hundreds of thousands of purchases are made daily for services provided on the Internet. Buyers, on the other hand, have the advantage that they can check the offering for ALL KINDS —and when I say “all”, I mean literally all — of services, no matter how complex.

In this market, buyers can contact all kinds of freelancers, from skilled and experienced to those who are just getting to know the world of independent work online.

That is why the rating system is very important on Bricoly. And that brings us once again to what we want to achieve: become a top-rated seller on Bricoly.com Marketplace.

June 28, 2019